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Design Mark’s Medical Device Design Process

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2D Barcoding Types that Improve Healthcare Data Management

 What types of durable barcode labels are used in the Medical industry?
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Safety Labels Reference List: USA and International Standards and Requirements

Keep this list handy and refer to it whenever you need safety labels!
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GRAPHIC OVERLAYS: 6 questions to ask when selecting materials and finish options

The right materials + finish options will ensure a high-performing Graphic Overlay.
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Quick Tip: Are your UL and CSA labels tested and certified?

Take 1 minute to learn something new about UL and CSA labels.
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Reference Guide: Types of Membrane Switches

If you’re researching membrane switches, have you found a number of product options with a dizzying array of naming conventions? Use the following membrane switch reference…
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Design Mark ROHS Statement

As a manufacturer and supplier of custom membrane switches, graphic overlays, flexographic labels, rubber keypads and functional die cut products in the electronics and…
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Domestic or Off-Shore

It really is a global marketplace. As a consumer, you have more choices of available suppliers than ever to bring your product to the masses. Even within our industry segments…
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