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In the dynamic world of industrial manufacturing, labels are crucial. They ensure that products are accurately identified, tracked, and presented, even in the most challenging environments. Among the variety of labels used, domed labels, labels for extreme conditions, and Capturite® labels stand out for their unique properties and applications.


Domed Labels: Aesthetic and DurableDomed Label DM

Domed labels are known for their eye-catching appearance and durability. These labels are created by applying a clear, polyurethane coating over a printed substrate, resulting in a three-dimensional, bubble-like effect. This doming process not only enhances the visual appeal of the label but also provides a protective layer that is resistant to scratches, UV rays, and chemicals. This makes domed labels ideal for branding purposes on machinery, equipment, and other products that need to maintain a professional look despite harsh usage.


Labels for Extreme Conditions: Built to Withstand

In industrial settings, many products and components are exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. Labels for extreme conditions are specially designed to endure these harsh environments without losing their integrity or readability. These labels often use high-performance adhesives and durable materials like polyimide, polyester, or anodized aluminum. Applications include aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery industries, where reliable identification is critical for safety, maintenance, and compliance purposes.


Capturite® Labels: Innovating Inventory Management79

Capturite® self-laminating labels from Design Mark are revolutionizing the way companies manage and protect important data. These labels safeguard variable information such as product identification, equipment calibration data, inspection dates, warranty details, maintenance records, and installation data. Constructed using a durable white or silver Mylar® base material, Capturite® labels are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and water, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Design Mark’s engineered adhesives allow these labels to be securely affixed to a variety of surfaces, including powder-coated finishes and LSE plastics. Highly customizable, Capturite® labels can include text, graphics, logos, barcodes, and sequential serial numbers, and can be produced in sizes ranging from 1” square to 4” by 6” rectangles. These robust labels ensure that critical information remains intact and legible, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of data management in industrial environments.


Labels in the industrial manufacturing industry are more than just identifiers; they are vital components that enhance product durability, ensure safety, and improve operational efficiency. Domed labels add aesthetic value and protection, labels for extreme conditions ensure longevity in harsh environments, and Capturite® labels revolutionize inventory management. As the industry continues to evolve, these labels will play an increasingly critical role in meeting the demands of modern manufacturing processes.