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Specialty printing inks play a crucial role in achieving top-tier printing results, and Design Mark takes pride in offering an extensive array of specialty printing inks for our valued clients. Our cutting-edge printing equipment, including the HP Indigo 7K and Swiss Q Impala, empowers us to craft vibrant, resilient, and visually enchanting prints using an array of specialty ink options.


Among our selection of specialty inks is the captivating metallic ink, designed to infuse a dash of opulence and sophistication into printed materials. Comprising minuscule metallic particles, these inks generate a sparkling, reflective effect on the printed surface. This effect is particularly remarkable on textured or dark paper stocks and proves optimal for producing attention-grabbing business cards, invitations, and other premium-grade materials.


82Another remarkable offering is our fluorescent ink, tailored for crafting prints that seize attention and stand out. Possessing high pigmentation, this ink yields bold, intense colors that practically radiate under black light. Ideal for crafting posters, signage, and promotional materials for events, it effortlessly makes a striking visual impact.


Our advanced printers, the HP Indigo 7K and Swiss Q Impala, are designed to seamlessly integrate with various specialty inks, enabling us to fabricate prints with an expansive range of effects. The HP Indigo 7K leverages liquid ink instead of traditional powdered toner, guaranteeing impeccable color consistency, vibrancy, and intricacy. This feature makes it a stellar choice for producing high-quality photographs, marketing materials, and items necessitating precise and vivid hues.


Conversely, the Swiss Q Impala employs UV-curable ink, cured through exposure to ultraviolet light. This trait renders it suitable for printing on diverse substrates, including plastics, metals, and glass, facilitating the creation of enduring, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant prints capable of withstanding wear and tear.


83Design Mark's unwavering commitment rests on delivering optimal printing materials to our clients. To this end, we invest in state-of-the-art printing machinery and exclusively employ top-tier specialty inks. Whether you require business cards, brochures, signs, or other printed materials, our expertise and equipment are primed to produce visually captivating, premium-quality prints that set your business apart.


In conclusion, specialty inks constitute a vital component of exceptional printing endeavors, and at Design Mark, we take pride in extending a wide spectrum of these inks to our clientele. Empowered by our HP Indigo 7K and Swiss Q Impala printers, we create dynamic, enduring, and visually alluring prints utilizing an array of specialty inks, encompassing metallic, fluorescent, thermochromic, and glow-in-the-dark variants. For remarkable, visually striking printed materials, reach out to Design Mark today and explore our specialty inks and printing proficiencies.