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 RFID Paper: Streamline, Advance and Build


You may have heard the term RFID because it's economical, accurate and user friendly. The technology has been available for over a decade but it's been growing in popularity because it can eliminate human error. We're happy to offer our loyal customers this technology using new RFID paper. It offers a unique way to increase efficiencies across the supply chain. Another great benefit of RFID paper is that it provides a much greener alternative to its plastic counterpart. 


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The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and it uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects. The simple paper solution contains RFID chips and antennas built into ready-to-print sheets. The paper was produced for printing companies, like Design Mark Industries so we can offer our customers the best solution for their products. "SMART PAPER" is produced from different substrates and then RFID components are inserted inside the paper. The applications for RFID paper are nearly limitless. 



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Common Applications


Inventory Management

This is huge for manufacturing in particular because RFID does not require line of sight access to barcodes like traditional inventory management does.  RFID tags can be read remotely. Systems using it can tag stock and make it much easier to track inventory in real time.  Retailers are also embracing this way of doing business because inventory correlates directly with their bottom line. 



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There are several opportunities to employ this technology in public transportation. Think eliminating tickets and/or tokens and the ability to reload pay cards through online registration. The entire system becomes more efficient as it increases the speed of passengers boarding the vehicle whether it's a commuter ferry, subway, etc. 



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Tickets and Cards

Again, the applications expand as far as the imagination. We've mentioned transportation but tickets and cards extend beyond those uses. Paper hotel cards replace plastic hotel key cards which are often misplaced and thus, costly. Gift cards are also moving in this direction as are business cards. Think about being at a convention and sharing your business card with a lead, no app or linking CRM needed!



The opportunities abound with this technology. The customer's imagination is the limit - anything the mind desires can be linked. RFID offers a most efficient way to track vital key business metrics. Everything from product sales, volume and usage all the way through to demographic information can be reported fast and in real time! 



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It's important to point out that like everything we do at Design Mark Industries, custom layouts are available in addition to the more standard RFID paper layouts. Any special requests you would like will continue to be available and work in conjunction with RFID - including waterproof products! We know that personalization is a non-negotiable - you won't be asked to give that up when ordering these products. Now let's talk layouts.



Standard Layouts

The standard size of the sheet is 325 x 480mm and the range of products that can be created on this layout is extensive. 


3 x 8 Layout:

With 24 antennas, the most common products made with this layout include public transportation tickets, inventory tags and ski passes.


1 x 8 Layout:

This option is a perfect choice for wristbands across any and all industries that may use them. Most commonly, the wristband is used for medical charts, concerts and events. Anything requiring admission is a great opportunity for wristbands. Traditional wristbands are typically made of silicone. RFID paper saves money and is significantly more eco-friendly. 


1 x 2 Layout:
This layout is suitable for printing secured documents like diplomas, certificates.


2 x 4 Layout: 

With 8 antennas, this choice is often used for things like postcards, invitations to events, tickets and badges. 



RFID is a big market. In fact, it is expected to grow by about 271% by 2021! With it's unlimited uses, it is a "greener" alternative with a nearly endless lifespan. RFID adds margin! It will increase the application of your products so the customer will pay more. In today's progressive world, we see more and more product categories that allow us to control more than ever. RFID is no exception, anything you can dream of can now be SMART when taking advantage of this technology and it's limitless possibilities.  


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