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During this time of uncertainty, we are choosing to find the positive.  One of the ways we’re doing that here at Design Mark is through helping others. There are numerous unanswered questions with respect to the recent outbreak of the virus and how it impacts our families, our communities and of course, our businesses.


While times like these do help to keep things in perspective, economic hardships as a result of social distancing and quarantine can add lots of stress to an already difficult time.  We want to support you as you navigate these murky waters.


As you know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and our respective states are guiding us as we live and work under the current circumstances.  These organizations are providing daily updates and recommendations.  Design Mark has been deemed an essential business entity as defined by the state of Massachusetts due to our work in the medical and military industries and will remain open to serve customers. 


Design Mark has been deemed as essential business entity as defined by the state of Massachusetts due to its work in the medical and military industry and will remain open to serve our customers.


We realize that the wellbeing of your customers and team members is of the utmost importance.  Perhaps you are working under new guidelines as we are furthering your commitment to cleanliness.   We know that while many industries are slowing down, others are ramping up and that’s where Design Mark can help. 


With our fast turnaround times we can help you with all your printed graphics and signage needs in as little as 48 hours!


Here are just a few examples of signage we are providing our clients:

  • Our Commitment to Cleanliness
  • Hand Hygiene Update
  • Updated Cleaning Protocols

Another area of focus for our customers, particularly in the medical and defense industries are membrane switches.  These are momentary electrical contact on/off switches that activate or deactivate an electric circuit.  The exterior layer of a membrane switch is easily cleaned and sanitized. The material is designed to withstand industrial cleaning chemicals. Also, antimicrobial film can be applied to further inhibit bacterial contamination.  In this ever-changing environment preventing any type of contamination is key.


Located in the United States, we are the go-to experts in printed projects for several industries including medical and defense.  We consistently deliver what you need most: quality, accuracy and speed.  Please keep in mind that Design Mark is truly a custom printer.  We will create anything you may need to support your business all within 48 hours. 

In these times of unpredictability, knowledge is power.  Design Mark can help arm your business with the tools to help ease the minds of your customers.


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