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Design Mark is excited to announce that we have advanced in our doming capabilities by adding a Demak PM2 CV SMART 700 XYZ. This machine model completely revolutionizes the traditional degassing concept by taking place while the machine is working, reducing any production downtime. The Continuous Vacuum system allows Design Mark to continuously work 24/7.

One of the biggest enemies of resin is humidity since it is imperative that the final product is completely bubble free. With our new technology, Design Mark is equipped with two 21-liter degassing tanks that work under a vacuum continuously. The resin and catalyst get sucked from their original drums into the continuous vacuum tanks so that humidity is eliminated at the start of the process.

Key Points

  • Automatic Loading & Reloading of the resin from the original drums
  • Ability to work 24/7
  • Automatic continuous degassing of resin and hardener into the vacuum tanks
  • Pumps powered by two servo brushless motors
  • Extremely accurate resin dispensing


We are extremely excited to have this new doming machine that allows us to work faster and more accurately so we can run more efficiently. As Design Mark continues to grow, we are looking forward to continuing to invest in the latest and greatest technology to assist you in expanding your capabilities. Interested in Domed Labels? Contact us today to get a quote!