Ensuring Compliance and Color Matching in the Printing Industry

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Design Mark, a reputable provider of custom-printed products for over 50 years, recognizes the significance of compliance and color matching in the printing industry. These two elements are crucial for achieving high-quality and consistent results throughout the printing process.


Compliance holds immense importance, especially for printed products used in industries such as military, aerospace, healthcare, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. Stringent regulations govern these sectors to ensure customer safety and well-being. Meeting the standards for materials, printing processes, and finished products is paramount. At Design Mark, we take compliance seriously and work closely with our customers to meet all their requirements.

Color Matching


Color matching is another critical facet of the printing process. Consistency and accuracy in colors are essential when printing products like labels, decals, or nameplates, especially when a company has specific brand colors that need to be faithfully reproduced across multiple items.


To ensure precise color reproduction, Design Mark employs advanced color-matching technology. Our process involves using a spectrophotometer to measure the color of the customer's sample, followed by adjustments to ink formulations to achieve an exact match. This meticulous process guarantees consistency in our customers' brand colors across all printed products, regardless of the printing method or material utilized.


In addition to leveraging advanced technology for color matching, Design Mark boasts a team of experienced and skilled printing professionals who possess a deep understanding of color and printing nuances. They are adept at adjusting ink formulations and printing methods to achieve the desired color and consistency for each product.Color Matching (2)


In conclusion, compliance and color matching are crucial aspects of the printing industry, requiring utmost attention to ensure exceptional quality and consistency. At Design Mark, we prioritize compliance and color matching, working closely with our customers to fulfill their requirements. Through advanced technology and the expertise of our printing professionals, we guarantee high-quality printed products that meet all necessary compliance standards. Contact Design Mark today to discover more about our comprehensive printing solutions and how we can assist you in meeting your compliance and color matching needs.